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The issue: where items in a classifier have more than one value per metadata field being displayed by the NodeFormatter. Thus, in the following, one item listed has two names, Jim and Bob:

{{{ Names | +-Alex +-Bob +-Doc0 - Bob +-Our document - Bob +-Doc1 - Bob +-Dave +-Jim +-Our document - Jim +-Doc2 - Jim +-Pete }}}

In formatting each Node, EmeraldView needs to look up the corresponding specific metadata value for the given document.

In order for the NodeFormatter to be able to tell which instance of the Node's metadata element to pull, it needs to have mdoffset values from the parent Node. The underlying metadata in the above example:

{{{ CL2.2 <numleafdocs>3
<contains>D0;D9;D1 <mdoffset>0;1;0

D9 <Title>Our document <Name>Jim <Name>Bob }}}

In D0, D9, and D1, Bob is the first, second, and fourth Name field (0;1;3), respectively.

As it happens, it seems that the Greenstone plugins do not all implement mdoffset. For example, List does not, and AZCompactList does.

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