A self-hosted solution to keep your browser's bookmarks synchronized without limiting yourself to one provider.


  • Multi-browser support: If your browser speaks WebExtensions, you're in!
  • KISS: Download the latest database or upload your current bookmarks. No "incremental" blah blah with extensive calculations etc.
  • Open Source: Trust nobody (including me)!
  • Backups: ymarks will clone your latest two databases in case you fucked it up.



You'll need a decent C compiler and the sqlite3 libraries.

cc -I . -I /usr/local/include -o ymarks 3rdparty/cJSON.c src/backup.c src/main.c -lsqlite3

Your exact compiler command could vary, depending on your library and include paths.

See the build.cmd file for a clue about how to compile with Clang on Windows.

Preprocessor definitions

  • Define SILENT if you want the server to shut the fuck up while running, otherwise ymarks will log incoming requests to stdout.
  • Define NO_BACKUP if you do not want ymarks to automatically create backup files.
  • Windows-only:
  • Define KEEP_VISIBLE if you do not want to hide the server window after the start. (By default, it'll disappear after a successful start.)


Just grab the extension for your preferred WebExtension-capable browser from


Set up the server

  1. Run the executable. It will run on port 8888 by default. If you'd prefer to use a different port, please change the SERVERPORT integer in constants.h, recompile and try it again.
  2. (Optional) Place a file named PIN.txt in the same folder as the compiled binary is in order to change your PIN from "12345" to something else. It will have to be a number though.

Set up the browser extension(s)

Right now, we support Firefox and Chrome (less so, Vivaldi). Grab the extension as usual. :-)


  • Support synchronization of bookmark tags. There does not seem to be a WebExtensions API for that yet.


The server part of ymarks comes with a number of third-party libraries (see /server/3rdparty), licensed under the terms of the BSD resp. MIT licenses. Everything else in this repository is original work, licensed under the terms of the WTFPL license. Please refer to the server/COPYING file for details. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.