A self-hosted solution to keep your browser's bookmarks synchronized without limiting yourself to one provider.


  • Multi-browser support: If your browser speaks WebExtensions, you're in!
  • KISS: Download the latest database or upload your current bookmarks. No "incremental" blah blah with extensive calculations etc.
  • Open Source: Trust nobody (including me)!
  • Backups: ymarks will clone your latest two databases in case you fucked it up.

Requirements for the client part

Just grab the extension for your preferred WebExtension-capable browser from your browser's add-on portal, usually linked directly on

Actually working support for browsers other than Firefox and Chrome is under way. :-)


You'll need to set your server (by default, http://localhost:8888) and PIN (by default, 12345) in your extension settings. If it worked, you can easily control your ymarks instance over the pop-up menu.


  • Support synchronization of bookmark tags. There does not seem to be a WebExtensions API for that yet.


Unless noted otherwise (usually directly in the source code), everything in this repository is original work, licensed under the terms of the WTFPL license. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.