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dropped duplicate topic from Dump

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 let col = Ascii_table.Column.create
 let columns =
-  [ col "topic" (fun d -> Topic.to_string d.Dump.topic)
+  [ col "topic" (fun d -> Topic.to_string d.Dump.message.Message.topic)
   ; col "text"  (fun d -> d.Dump.message.Message.text) ~max_width:25
   ; col "#sub"  (fun d-> Int.to_string d.Dump.num_subscribers)
   ; col "time"  (fun d -> Time.to_sec_string d.Dump.message.Message.time)
 let table_print_dump dump =
-  printf "%s\n%!"
+  printf "%s%!"


 module Dump = struct
-  type single = { topic : Topic.t;
-                  message : Message.t;
+  type single = { message : Message.t;
                   num_subscribers: int;
   with sexp,bin_io, compare
   Option.map (Hashtbl.find t topic) ~f:Topic_pub.subscribe
 let dump t =
-  Hashtbl.to_alist t
-  |> List.map ~f:(fun (topic,tpub) ->
+  Hashtbl.data t
+  |> List.map ~f:(fun tpub ->
     let num_subscribers = Topic_pub.num_subscribers tpub in
     let message = Topic_pub.last_message tpub in
-    {Dump. topic; num_subscribers; message })
+    {Dump. num_subscribers; message })
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