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Peter Szilagyi  committed 1fdda35

Fixed a bug I introduced: I should use Buffer.goto-line, not goto-line.
The latter isn't meant for programs and sets the mark, resulting
in constant 'Mark set' messages in the minibuffer.

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File elisp/omake/omake-project-buffer.el

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         (Buffer.clear buf)
         (Buffer.insertf "%3s %-8s %-11s %-25s %s \n\n" "" "watching" "#watching" "omakeroot" "dir")
         (mapc 'insert lines)
-        (goto-line line)
+        (Buffer.goto-line line)
         (omake-project-mode 1)))
     (when display (display-buffer buf))))
 ;; (Omake.Project_buffer.create)