Peter Szilagyi avatar Peter Szilagyi committed 2147a31

Get a few more changes out, esp. a further bug fix to omake-server locking.

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-- Shorter "[omake ... <makeroot>]" buffer names.
-2012-11-13 Rolled rev b3c4858857fa to test
+2012-11-13 Rolled rev ce75de84065e to test
 bug fixes
 - smclaughlin fixed erroneous non-deletion of OMake Server lock file
   and consequent "connection refused" error in Emacs, plus a latent
   race condition in the [uname] library function affecting
-  [Lock_file], in ocaml-core-external.
+  [Lock_file], in ocaml-core-external.  Also handled some signals.
+- Upgraded Org in an attempt to fix a Tramp incompatibility.
 - Made installed image under /j/office/app/emacs read-only.
+- Shorter "[omake ... <makeroot>]" buffer names.
 2012-11-05 Rolled rev 8876e892cc5c to test
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