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Added another password prompt from ereisner.

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+- Added another Kerberos password prompt syntax.  Please continue to
+  let us know when jane-elisp doesn't recognize your password prompts.
 - Work around an apparent bug in Emacs Lisp (read-event via) sit-for
   in the presence of multiple X displays.
 - Compile many .el files to .elc files.  We had been running from

File elisp/jane/jane-micro-features.el

      ;; We had tried the following ca. 2012, but it produced a lot of
      ;; false positives.  We had to rediscover some knowledge below,
      ;; retaining the (mostly general Unix) knowledge encapsulated in
      ;;'(comint-password-prompt-regexp "password\\|passphrase\\|Encryption")
      ,(concat "\\(" comint-password-prompt-regexp
-              "\\|^Enter the \\w+ password: " ; friend commander
+              ;; Mimic the standard value [ca. GNU Emacs 24.2.1] and
+              ;; use \\' to anchor the match at the end in addition to
+              ;; using ^ to anchor the beginning.  This should make
+              ;; for efficient matching and few false positives.
+              "\\|^Enter the \\w+ password:\\s *\\'" ; friend commander
+              "\\|^Kerberos password for \\(\\w\\|[@.]\\)+:\\s *\\'"
    '(comint-buffer-maximum-size 10000)
    '(comint-move-point-for-output t)