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Peter Szilagyi  committed 2ac363e

Temporary Hurricane Sandy adjustments.

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   :group 'omake
   :type 'string)
+;; CR pszilagyi: Change Omake.omake-command semi-temporarily in a
+;; simple but easily overridden way.  A more sophisticated alternative
+;; would be to look at context to decide if we're in TOT, but KISS.
+(defvar Omake.omake-command-after-sandy "jomake -j 1")
 (defcustom Omake.prompt-before-killing-project t
   "If t, prompt y/n before killing a project"
   :group 'omake
      (_ (when (Omake.Model.has id) (error "A model for %s already exists" id)))
      (env (Omake.Env.create id))
      (verbose nil)
-     (command Omake.omake-command)
+     (command Omake.omake-command-after-sandy)
      (omakeroot-dir (Omake.Path.omakeroot-dir compilation-dir))
      (error-buffer (Omake.Buffer.create Omake.Buffer.Error compilation-dir) model)
      ;; turn on omake-mode in the error buffer
         ;; Create the model
         (let ((user-command
                (when read-command
-                 (read-from-minibuffer "Command: " Omake.omake-command))))
+                 (read-from-minibuffer "Command: " Omake.omake-command-after-sandy))))
           (Omake.Model.create path user-command))
         ;; Show the error buffer