Peter Szilagyi avatar Peter Szilagyi committed 2df29f5

work around bug to fix error reporting
(lexical-let* in Omake.Error.error-string for

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 (defun* Omake.Error.error-string (e &key full-text)
   "Create a clickable string where clicking evaluates the error."
   (assert ( e))
-  ;; Use lexical-let so we can put the error in a closure
-  (lexical-let*
+  ;; We don't seem to be able to close over e with lexical-let*,
+  ;; unfortunately.
+  (let*
       (;; error jumping
-       (e e) ;; !!! close on e !!!
-       (goto-error (lambda ()
-                     (interactive)
-                     (Omake.Model.eval-error e)))
+       (goto-error `(lambda ()
+                      (interactive)
+                      (Omake.Model.eval-error ,e)))
        (goto-keymap   (make-sparse-keymap))
        (_ (define-key goto-keymap   [mouse-1] goto-error))
        (_ (define-key goto-keymap   "\C-m"     goto-error))
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