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Peter Szilagyi  committed 33cc0e2

Typo and misindentation of desired case.
It's easy to accidentally reindent the whole file by accident w/M-q.
Tuareg's M-q binding is surprising that way.

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    but here we come to a conflict between a couple of indentation principles.  I actually
    think the immediately above should be implemented more like this: *)
 let projection_files = Deferred.List.map x ~f:(fun p ->
-  ...)		(* whole indentation scheme shifted to align *)
+                         ...)		(* Should be under "ferred" *)
                        >>| String.split ~on:'\n'
 (* The conflict is between the "indent only as far as necessary given nesting and
    punctuation" and "align arguments to the right of the beginning of the expression".  In
    this case, the first rule wants to make the "..." way over to the left, while the
-   second puts ">>|" way over to the left.  I think we favor the first rule, as suggested
+   second puts ">>|" way over to the right.  I think we favor the first rule, as suggested
    before, so that's what I've put in ../ocaml/contrib/ocp-indent/tests/js-map.ml. *)
 (* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)