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Notes on upcoming changes to the installation.

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 # CR pszilagyi: The /mnt/global/base path below is out of date
 # w.r.t. the imminent /j/office/app/emacs/{prod,dev}/jane-elisp
 # deployment regime.
+# The word from Kilburg and cwills re. how to install in all offices
+# with Sink: maintainer responsible to find arbitrary machines in
+# those offices and sink-install to the office filesystems via those
+# machines.  The offices are four: nyc, ldn, hkg, and tot.
 # CR pszilagyi: Also, with all the code now checked into
 # ../elisp/contrib, we'll have more doc to build on install.
+# Also, n.b., auctex requires a "make" to work (autoloads).
 set -e -u -o pipefail
 ulimit -c unlimited # allow arbitrarily large core files