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var name change

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 ;; (setq t)
 ;; (setq nil)
-(defcustom Omake.create-dedicated-frame nil
+(defcustom Omake.create-dedicated-status-frame nil
   "Omake.start-project (C-c C-c) will create a dedicated status frame"
   :group 'omake
   :type 'boolean)
-;; (setq Omake.create-dedicated-frame t)
-;; (setq Omake.create-dedicated-frame nil)
+;; (setq Omake.create-dedicated-status-frame t)
+;; (setq Omake.create-dedicated-status-frame nil)
 (defcustom Omake.prompt-when-setting-environment-variable-for-a-project-that-is-building t
   "t iff you want a prompt"


 (defun Omake.Frame.maybe-create-status ()
-  (when (and Omake.create-dedicated-frame 
+  (when (and Omake.create-dedicated-status-frame
              (not Omake.Window.Status)
              (not Omake.Frame.Status))
     (let ((f (make-frame)))
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