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Peter Szilagyi  committed 6a1e184

elisp/jane: sp., from the big merge: Omake.File.root => Omake.server-root

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 particular, call this function at least after potentially
 creating /tmp/omake-server with the default umask."
   (let ((required #o777)
-        (present (file-modes Omake.File.root)))
+        (present (file-modes Omake.server-root)))
     (unless (= required (logand required present))
-      (condition-case err (set-file-modes Omake.File.root (logior required present))
+      (condition-case err (set-file-modes Omake.server-root (logior required present))
         (error (message "Couldn't fix wrong permissions %o on %s: %s"
-                        Omake.File.root
+                        Omake.server-root
                         (error-message-string err)))))))
 ;; Ensure the log dir exists.
     (progn (make-directory -Omake.File.emacs-log-pid-dir t)
   (error (message "Couldn't create the Omake emacs-log.  Check the permissions on %s: %s"
-                  Omake.File.root
+                  Omake.server-root
                   (error-message-string err))))
 (defun Omake.File.emacs-log ()