Peter Szilagyi avatar Peter Szilagyi committed 6f6fd86

updated for this morning's release

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 - Jane.Cr.dedicated-review-frame and related functions for CR ergonomics.
 - Jane.disable-vc micro-feature to open files faster (experimental).
+- OMakeroot error support in omake-server.
 bug fixes
 - Fixed paths for ESS and other infrequently used third-party libraries.
+- Fixed default tabification setting (broken in changes of last roll).
+- Don't set frame-inherited-parameters, which causes problems with
+  "emacs --daemon".  This may cause new frames to get the wrong font
+  or colors in some situations, although it appears to work even in
+  Emacs 23, the version we're currently using.
 - Don't save defaults in omake-server configurations, only user
   settings.  This is mainly for forward-compatibility, to avoid saving
   old defaults which later need to be changed.  (In progress.)
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