Peter Szilagyi committed 704ed2f

sweeks objected weakly to replacing "for" with nothing in omake buffer names.

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File elisp/omake/omake-buffer.el

 	 (root (when proj (Omake.Project.omakeroot-dir proj)))
 	 (ids (or root ids)))
     (case kind
-      (raw (format "[omake raw %s]" ids))
-      (status (format "[omake status %s]" ids))
-      (elisp (format "[omake elisp %s]" ids))
-      (project-log (format "[omake log %s]" ids))
+      (raw (format "[omake raw for %s]" ids))
+      (status (format "[omake status for %s]" ids))
+      (elisp (format "[omake elisp for %s]" ids))
+      (project-log (format "[omake log for %s]" ids))
       (server-log "[omake server log]")
       (mode-log "[omake mode log]")
       (projects "[omake projects]"))))