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Stephen Weeks  committed 705108a

got rid of Jane.omake-jane and Jane.omake-old

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File doc/jane-emacs.texi

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   Using the CR tool.
 @item @kbd{Jane.no-clutter}
   Don't show scroll or tool bars or make backup files.
-@item @kbd{Jane.omake-jane}
-  Make sure omake-mode uses 'jomake' to start omake.
- @xref{Top,,omake-mode,omake-mode}.
 @item @kbd{Jane.pages}
   Use visible page delimiters.
 @item @kbd{Jane.perl}

File elisp/jane/jane-deprecated.el

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 (dolist (names
-           (Jane.omake-js                    Jane.omake-jane)
            (Js.underscore-is-punctuation     Jane.underscore-is-punctuation)
            (Js.underscore-is-word            Jane.underscore-is-word)
            (Omake.clear-dedicated-windows    Omake.clear-dedicated-windows-and-frames)
-           (Omake.compile                    Omake.start-project)
-           (Omake.notify-maintainer-of-error nothing)
            (Omake.set-dedicated-error-frame  Omake.set-dedicated-status-frame)
            (Omake.set-dedicated-error-window Omake.set-dedicated-status-window)
            (Omake.show-error-buffer          Omake.show-status-buffer)

File elisp/jane/jane-micro-features.el

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-;; (Jane.omake-old)
-(defun Jane.omake-old ()
-  (require 'compile)
-  (custom-set-variables '(compile-command "VERSION_UTIL_SUPPORT=false LINK_EXECUTABLES=false X_LIBRARY_INLINING=false jomake -j 7 -P -w"))
-  (global-set-key [(control return)] 'compile)
-  ;; When I run compile, if there's already a compilation in this
-  ;; omake location then it asks if I'd like to kill it and start this
-  ;; new one.  Otherwise, it just starts the new one, allowing
-  ;; multiple compilations at the same time on different trees.  Their
-  ;; buffers will be named sensibly.
-  (defun my-compilation-buffer-name (mode-name)
-    (concat "*" (downcase mode-name) ":" (get-omake-root-or-current-dir) "*"))
-  (custom-set-variables
-   '(compilation-buffer-name-function 'my-compilation-buffer-name)
-   '(compilation-read-command t)
-   '(compilation-ask-about-save nil)
-   '(compilation-scroll-output t)
-   '(next-error-highlight t)
-   ;; recenter buffer with error
-   '(next-error-recenter (quote (4)))
-   ;; ocamlc numbers columns from 0, not from 1 (like, e.g., gcc)
-   '(compilation-first-column 0)
-   )
 ;; Display page delimiter as a horizontal line instead of "^L"
 ;; Insert page delimiters with C-qC-l
 ;; Page delimiters are a good replacement for "(**********)" comments
     ;; If there's another server running, (server-start) will
     ;; fail.  Don't die if this happens.
     ;; (server-running-p) can also hang when there is a stopped
-    ;; emacs controlling the server.  Just check for the 
+    ;; emacs controlling the server.  Just check for the
     ;; existence of the file
     ;; (unless (server-running-p) (server-start))
     (unless (server-socket-file-exists) (server-start))
   (message "Jane.filladapt is deprecated.  Use Jane.text"))
-;; (Jane.omake-jane)
-(defun Jane.omake-jane ()
-  (interactive)
-  (message "Jane.omake-jane is deprecated.  Edit the file ~/.omake-server/config"))
 ;; (Jane.find)

File jane-common.el

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       (member (user-login-name) users)
     (string= users (user-login-name))))
-;; 2012-03-29 sweeks: I put (Jane.omake-jane) in jane-common rather than
-;; jane-defaults, because I want it on by default for everyone, even people who
-;; just require jane-common rather than jane-defaults.  People can still call
-;; (Jane.omake-old) too if they want.
-(unless (i-am "cfalls") (Jane.omake-jane))
 ;; CR cfalls for sweeks: Things that aren't optional probably
 ;; shouldn't be in microfeatures.  I find that confusing.

File jane-defaults.el

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