Peter Szilagyi  committed 7a469ac

Removed the TOT tweaks for Sandy recovery. We have plenty of rackmounts out there now.
I leave the old -j 12 default due to popular demand, although I think it's a bit overboard.

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File ocaml/omake/lib/

 let default_warn_when_setting_env_vars = true
 let omake_command (t:t) =
-  (* CR pszilagyi: Use a new default in TOT in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  We have few
-     rackmounts and need to share them well.  -j 6 would be a good general default; -j 12
-     is too big for many single-user systems even before Sandy.  As of 2012-11-05 12:00
-     EST, LDN rackmounts have largely cleared out and devs are spread out on the TOT
-     rackmounts to where -j 1 is not longer necessary.  Feedback is modest, and Ron has
-     proposed -j 6 rather than -j 1. *)
-  let key, default =
-    if String.is_prefix ~prefix:"tot-" (Unix.gethostname ())
-    then "omake_command_tot_after_sandy", "jomake -j 6"
-    else "omake_command", default_omake_command
-  in
+  let key, default = "omake_command", default_omake_command in
   Config.lookup t ~key ~default
 let kill_when_unwatched t =