seanmcl committed 871bb23

error handling, improved interface (issue #140)

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+(put 'Omake.Errors.tramp 'error-conditions '(error Omake.Errors.all Omake.Errors.tramp))
+(put 'Omake.Errors.tramp 'error-message "Omake mode does not support remote files")
+(put 'Omake.Errors.abort 'error-conditions '(error Omake.Errors.all Omake.Errors.abort))
+(put 'Omake.Errors.abort 'error-message "Aborted")
+(defmacro Omake.handle-errors (&rest body)
+  "Handle omake-mode errors"
+  (declare (indent defun))
+  (declare (debug (body)))
+  `(condition-case err
+       (progn ,@body)
+     (Omake.Errors.all (message "%s" (error-message-string err)))))
+;; (Omake.handle-errors (signal 'Omake.Errors.tramp '(1 2 3)))
+;; (defun foo (&optional x) (interactive) (Omake.handle-errors (let* ((x (if x x 5))) (message "%d" x))))
+;; (macroexpand '(Omake.handle-errors (signal 'Omake.Errors.tramp '(1 2 3))))
+ 'emacs-lisp-mode
+ '(("\\<\\(Omake.handle-errors\\)" 1 font-lock-keyword-face))
+ t)
+;; (setq command-error-function nil)
+;; (setq command-error-function
+;;       (lambda (data context caller)
+;;         (message "in command-error-function")))
+;; (signal 'Omake.Errors.tramp '(1 2 3))
+;; (error "abc")
+(provide 'omake-errors)
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