Peter Szilagyi committed 89b3bd4

Added 'exec failed' error to omake-server.

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 - elisp/omake/omake-env.el ( Sorted environment
   variables in the verbose form of the status buffer.
-- Added "Error: File feedos.cmx not found" errors to omake-server.
-  (Thanks, datkin.)
+- ocaml/omake/lib/ Added "Error: File feedos.cmx not found" and
+  "exec failed" errors to omake-server.  (Thanks, datkin.)
 - Added another Kerberos password prompt syntax.  Please continue to
   let us know when jane-elisp doesn't recognize your password prompts.
 - Work around an apparent bug in Emacs Lisp (read-event via) sit-for


        to end while omake spits out ............. *)
     (* let error10 = "\\*\\*\\* omake: waiting for project lock:" in *)
     let error14 = "\\*\\*\\* OMakeroot error:" in
-    Regex.of_string (sprintf "(%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s)"
+    let error15 = "exec failed: " in    (* never even got started *)
+    Regex.of_string (sprintf "(%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s|%s)"
                        error1 error2 error3 error4 error5 error6
                        error7 error8 error9 error10 error11 error12
-                       error13 error14)
+                       error13 error14 error15)
 (* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)