David House avatar David House committed 9019e35

don't grow tuareg-governing-phrase-regexp every time we launch tuareg-mode

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  `((,tuareg-pa_ounit-keywords . tuareg-font-lock-governing-face)))
- 'tuareg-mode-hook
- '(lambda ()
-    (setq tuareg-governing-phrase-regexp
-          (concat tuareg-governing-phrase-regexp
-                  "\\|"
-                  tuareg-pa_ounit-keywords))))
+(eval-after-load "tuareg"
+  '(progn
+     (message "foo")
+     (setq tuareg-governing-phrase-regexp
+         (concat tuareg-governing-phrase-regexp
+                 "\\|"
+                 tuareg-pa_ounit-keywords))))
 (provide 'pa_ounit-tuareg)
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