Stephen Weeks committed 96202ca

improvements to ocamlspot wrapper script

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 set -e -u -o pipefail
-#exec >>/tmp/z.log.ocamlspot
-#exec 2>&1
+function failure-header {
+    echo "ocamlspot failure"
+    echo "date: $(date)"
+    echo "dir: $dir"
+    echo "args: $args"
+function dashes {
+        cat <<EOF
 function die {
+    {
+        failure-header
+        echo "$1"
+        dashes
+    } >>$log
     echo >&2 "$1"
     exit 1
-bin=$(sed <OMakeroot -rn 's;^PATH * = *(/janelibs.*/bin) +.*$;\1;p')
-cd $dir
+bin=$(sed <OMakeroot -rn "$sed_script" | tail -1)
 if [ -z "$bin" ]; then
     die "Could not extract janelibs bin dir from $(pwd)/OMakeroot"
     die "$exe does not exist"
-$exe "$@"
+echo 'running'
+cd $dir
+if $exe "$@" >$output 2>&1; then
+    status=0
+    status=1
+    {
+        failure-header
+        cat $output
+        dashes
+    } >>$log
+cat $output
+rm $output
+exit $status
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