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 * Feature requests
 ** Compile a table of our keybindings.  --yminsky
-*** pszilagyi
+*** pszilagyi:
 Inspired by the release notes, which contain nice tables of changes to
 keybindings, we should have a table of all our keybindings somewhere.
 Maybe collected via Emacs Lisp, maybe manually.  Maybe included in the
 ** Only ask to save files under omakeroot
 *** seanmcl:
 Now when compiling it asks about all files
+** jane-defaults is a feature: it provides 'jane-defaults
+*** pszilagyi:
+Is that weird?  Is it weird the way we load it (with load rather than
+require)?  Seems like we should pick one way to look at it.
 * Hold
 * Closed