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fixing bug in cr-todo in new versions of emacs

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                   ;; may be in comment or may not be
                   (re-search-forward "(\\*+[ \t]*" nil 'noerror))
-            ;; XCR cfalls: Small bug: the first statement will be
-            ;; indented too much unless you start the code region with
-            ;; ;; because it sees the [ as starting a list.  Also
-            ;; should support {[ in addition to just [
-            ;;
-            ;; pszilagyi: I fixed the first with more narrowing
-            ;; (inside the delimiters) and distinguishing the the
-            ;; first line.  Fixed the second, and added {v
             (save-restriction ; add code-based indentation using narrow-to-region
               (narrow-to-region block-begin (save-excursion (forward-line)


   ;; appends /dev/null to the command line even though we have this
   ;; variable set to false.  Perhaps setting it to false in this weird
   ;; manner will make it "more false".
-  ;; (grep-apply-setting 'grep-use-null-device nil)
+  (grep-apply-setting 'grep-use-null-device nil)
   (grep (concat cr-command " todo " id " -fullpath -local")))
 (defun cr-grep ()
       (replace-match "CR-soon " t t))
      ((looking-at "CR-soon ")
       (replace-match "CR-someday " t t))
-     ((looking-at "CR-someday ")  
+     ((looking-at "CR-someday ")
       (replace-match "XCR " t t))
      ((looking-at "XCR ")
       (replace-match "CR " t t))
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