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changes and updated ocp-indent/regressions/runtests

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+new stuff
+- Jane.Cr.dedicated-review-frame and related functions for CR ergonomics.
+bug fixes
+- Fixed paths for ESS and other infrequently used third-party libraries.
 2012-11-13 Rolled rev e7be8efe1c9b to test
   This is in its infancy, but we added a few regression tests so we
   don't go backwards.
-  The code is in omake-mode/ocp-indent.  To run regression tests do
-  cd regressions; ./runtests
+  To run regression tests do:
+    ocp-indent/regressions/runtests
 - omake-mode works with the new core release, ocaml-core-108.07.00
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