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Peter Szilagyi  committed c31273c

added bug from Elnatan re. omake status window jumping around

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 *** seanmcl: I got this some time ago [[file:stale-writer-exn.txt]]
 * Medium
+** omake status buffer alternates windows on C-c C-c  --ereisner
+*** pszilagyi:
+You can call Omake.set-dedicated-status-window, but that is brittle,
+because windows go away completely when you close them.  It looks like
+Omake.choose-frame-and-maybe-window is trying to keep the
+configuration stable even without a dedicated status window, but
+failing.  It was not obvious to me what went wrong, but I can easily
+imagine something subtle, it's pretty complex.  One suspect is the
+minibuffer being the selected window or something at some point
+during C-c C-c, when it prompts if you really want to kill the
+existing omake.
 * Low
 ** Use elisp buttons rather than text properties
 *** seanmcl: