Stephen Weeks avatar Stephen Weeks committed c985acf

renamed Omake.split-window-horizontally as Omake.split-frame-horizontally

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Files changed (2)

   They were replaced by
-     Omake.split-window-horizontally
+     Omake.split-frame-horizontally
   See the info documentation for the new behavior.  This change was done
   :type 'boolean)
 ;; (setq Omake.prompt-before-killing-project nil)
-(defcustom Omake.split-window-horizontally t
+(defcustom Omake.split-frame-horizontally t
   "See the info documentation for when this variable takes effect."
   :group 'omake
   :type 'boolean)
-;; (setq Omake.split-window-horizontally t)
-;; (setq Omake.split-window-horizontally nil)
+;; (setq Omake.split-frame-horizontally t)
+;; (setq Omake.split-frame-horizontally nil)
 (defcustom nil
   "See the info documentation for what this is and when it takes effect."
   ;; If we're splitting, there's a single frame with a single window.  If it's
   ;; dedicated, we have no hope of maintaining it
-  (let ((right (if Omake.split-window-horizontally
+  (let ((right (if Omake.split-frame-horizontally
         (left (selected-window)))
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