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CentOS 5 compatibility.

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 # with Sink: maintainer responsible to find arbitrary machines in
 # those offices and sink-install to the office filesystems via those
 # machines.  The offices are four: nyc, ldn, hkg, and tot.
-declare -A office_qwss
-office_qwss=([hkg]=r02 [ldn]=r01 [nyc]=r04 [tot]=r01)
+offices="hgk ldn nyc tot"
-declare -A mode_subdirs
-mode_subdirs=([prod]=prod [test]=dev)
+modes="prod test"
+# (The CentOS 5 bash doesn't have associative arrays yet, hence going
+# old school for host_* and target_*.)
 set -e -u -o pipefail
 ulimit -c unlimited # allow arbitrarily large core files
   $(hg paths default)
     $(hg id -i)")"
+eval target=target_\$$mode
 # Delete a few of the biggest wastes of space before sink'ing.
 # Really, need "sink deploy dir -exclude" to skip these.
 test -x "$dot/"../ocaml/omake/omake_server.exe
 ln -sf $(cd "$dot/".. && pwd) "$jane_elisp"
-for office in "${!office_qwss[@]}"
+for office in $offices
-    host=$office-qws-${office_qwss[$office]}
+    eval host=host_\$$office
     #ssh "$host" "mkdir -p '$target'"
     # "sink deploy dir" doesn't work with weird directory names like