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todo: save commented-out defaults in ~/.omake-server/config

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 I agree that this behavior is confusing.  Given some of the changes
 we've made recently, it should be possible to implement this again,
 saving the settings until the compilation is started.
+** save commented-out defaults in ~/.omake-server/config
+*** pszilagyi:
+Nuffer points out that it was nice having defaults saved, so you could
+tell that they were, and what to change.  We have good reasons to not
+save the actual default values in the configuration, but we can always
+save comments at the top to cover the discoverability.  This is
+especially important for ~/.omake-server/config, which can't be
+modified by the user through Emacs, only by editing.
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 ** Keybindings for projects buffer
 *** sweeks: