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improved prompt

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     (catch 'exit
       (when (Omake.Model.has id)
         (let ((kill (Emacs.y-or-n-p
-                     (format
-                      "A compilation process for %s is already running.  Kill it? "
-                      ( id)))))
+                     (format "OMake is already building %s in this project.\nDo you want to kill OMake and restart it building %s? "
+                             (Omake.model-compilation-dir (Omake.Model.get id))
+                             path
+                             ))))
           (if kill (Omake.Model.kill id) (throw 'exit t))))
       ;; Set the code window where the user ran compile
       (unless (Omake.Window.get Omake.Window.Code)