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+- added support for dhouse-style error navigation
+- killing [Errors] buffer kills the project
+- killing the project kills all the auxiliary buffers like [Raw] and [Elisp]
+- Added permanent per-project persistent (across restarts of emacs) settings for
+  the variables that govern omake (LINK_EXECUTABLES, X_LIBRARY_INLINING, etc)
+- changed Omake.kill-server to Omake.shutdown
+bug fixes
+- fixed bug where if omake died early, the progress bar kept spinning.
+- fixed the [omake-mode-log] "read-only" bug
+- fixed a bug where omake inserted \r rather than \n which
+  made lines run together.  This made me miss anything that happened
+  after the first \r
+- fixed a bug that ignored directory names with . in them (such as
+  eye/2.0/foo