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Peter Szilagyi  committed e6e322b

fixed set-custom-defaults to work on variables that are already buffer-local

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           (let ((sym (car arg))
                 (exp (cadr arg)))
             (assert (null (cddr arg)))
-            (set sym (eval exp))
+	    ;; Use `set-default' rather than `set' because the
+	    ;; variable may be buffer-local already.  For example,
+	    ;; indent-tabs-mode is made buffer-local before we set its
+	    ;; default value in jane-ocaml.el.
+            (set-default sym (eval exp))
             (when (custom-variable-p sym)
               (put sym 'standard-value (purecopy (list exp)))
               (when (get sym 'force-value)