js-elisp / .dir-locals.el

;; We're sticking with 80 columns for jane-elisp and
;; for compatibility with external
;; (non-Jane-Street) developers and small screens.
;; (We use 90 columns at Jane [elisp/jane/jane-ocaml.el].)
((tuareg-mode (fill-column . 80))

 ;; We set whitespace-line-column in c-mode, too
 ;; [elisp/jane/jane-common.el].  We probably should be setting
 ;; fill-column as well, so override that in advance.
 (c-mode (fill-column . 80))

 (nil (whitespace-line-column . 80) 	; This is set globally to 90,
                                        ; so override for all modes.
      ;; We can set the change log name here, but the settings for
      ;; formatting the change log need to go in the file itself.
      ;; change-log-mode is very strict about not having user
      ;; customizations affect the file format accidentally.
      (change-log-default-name . "ChangeLog")))