1. Yaron Minsky
  2. js-elisp


js-elisp / js-examples.el

;; This file is just for examples of customizations people make
;; to emacs.  It is a source of ideas, and should not be loaded.

;; For quick compilation
(global-set-key [(control return)] 'compile)

;; If you don't want to see warnings or timings from omake, you
;; can modify the command emacs runs when you run `compile'
(setq jane-make-command
      (concat jane-make-command " --output-only-errors --no--print-timing"))

;;If the buffer in question is already displayed in a frame, raise
;; that frame.
(custom-set-variables '(display-buffer-reuse-frames t))

;; Make emacs neither beep nor flash the screen
(setq ring-bell-function (lambda () ()))
(custom-set-variables '(visible-bell nil))

;; Don't highlight the region
(transient-mark-mode -1)

;; Kill a frame
(defun my-delete-frame ()
  (if (cdr (frame-list)) (delete-frame) (kill-emacs)))
(global-set-key "\C-x\C-c" 'my-delete-frame)