js-elisp / ocaml-core-external.patch

A quick stash of the change necessary to the ocaml-core-external to
make it work inside Jane Street when compiling on an CentOS 6 box.
Ultimately, soon, we'll want to make these changes conditional.

diff --git a/OMakeroot b/OMakeroot
--- a/OMakeroot
+++ b/OMakeroot
@@ -19,6 +19,21 @@
     eprintln($"   $(string)")
+REDHAT_RELEASE = $(string $(shell cat /etc/redhat-release))
+GetRedhatVersion() =
+    match $(REDHAT_RELEASE)
+    case $"^CentOS release 5"
+      return 5
+    case $"^CentOS release 6"
+      return 6
+    default
+      OMakerootError($"Unknown CentOS release.  Giving up.")
+REDHAT_VERSION = $(GetRedhatVersion)
+println($"Running CentOS Release "$(REDHAT_VERSION))
 # Execute the command and show what's being executed. This way comand shows up even if omake is told to suppress most of the output
 ShowCommand(command) =
     if $(VERBOSE)
@@ -715,8 +730,8 @@
           myflags += -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker $(d)
     return $(myflags)
-COMPAT_LIB_FLAGS = # $(match $(REDHAT_VERSION), 6, $(MakeCompatRootFlags false))
-OCAML_LIB_FLAGS = # $(match $(REDHAT_VERSION), 6, $(MakeCompatRootFlags true))
+COMPAT_LIB_FLAGS = $(match $(REDHAT_VERSION), 6, $(MakeCompatRootFlags false))
+OCAML_LIB_FLAGS = $(match $(REDHAT_VERSION), 6, $(MakeCompatRootFlags true))
 RootArchiveAfterPackNative(libname) =
@@ -762,7 +777,7 @@
-#    $(match $(REDHAT_VERSION), 6, libtinfo.so.5)
+    $(match $(REDHAT_VERSION), 6, libtinfo.so.5)
 hg_version_arg = $(if $(VERSION_UTIL_SUPPORT), $(EMPTY), --no-version-util)
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