js-elisp / README

-*- org -*-

Jane Street Emacs utilities

* Usage

** Normal usage at the office

Everyone should add one of the following lines to their .emacs file.

    (load "/j/office/app/emacs/prod/jane-elisp/elisp/jane/jane-defaults")
      loads libraries, sets variables according to our coding
      standards, and sets standard defaults which many users find

    (load "/j/office/app/emacs/prod/jane-elisp/elisp/jane/jane-common")
      leaves discretionary settings to the user.

** Beta testers

Beta-testers (thank you!) should add:

      (load "/j/office/app/emacs/dev/jane-elisp/elisp/jane/jane-defaults")


      (load "/j/office/app/emacs/dev/jane-elisp/elisp/jane/jane-common")

These are analogous to the above, but with the next release.

** At home

For use at home:
  - Choose a site-lisp directory S.
  - Clone the BitBucket repo into S/jane.
  - Add one of the following to .emacs:
      (load "S/jane/elisp/jane/jane-defaults")
      (load "S/jane/elisp/jane/jane-common")

[You will also need to build omake_server.exe to use Omake.compile.]

* Development

To build omake_server.exe:

    hg clone
    cd ocaml-core-external
    hg clone ssh://hg2//hg/jane-elisp/test # this directory
    cd test

You can clone ocaml-core-external with ssh:// rather
than after you create an account and Sean gives
you access to his repo.  See
about setting up keys.