js-elisp / Makefile


PP='camlp4o $(LIB)/type-conv/pa_type_conv.cma $(LIB)/sexplib/pa_sexp_conv.cma $(LIB)/fieldslib/pa_fields_conv.cma $(LIB)/pa_pipebang/pa_pipebang.cma'

OCAMLOPT=ocamlfind ocamlopt -thread -w @a-4-7-9-29-28 \
        -pp $(PP) \
        -strict-sequence -annot -inline 20 -nodynlink -g \
	-package core -package core_extended -package async -package pcre \

%.cmx : %.mli
	$(OCAMLOPT) -c $<i
	$(OCAMLOPT) -c $<

omake_server.exe : process.cmx omake.cmx omake_server.cmx
	$(OCAMLOPT) -linkpkg -o omake_server.exe $^

# Check whether the files compile without warnings or errors

check-files = omake-lib.el omake.el
check : *.el
	emacs -batch -q --no-site-file -f batch-byte-compile $(check-files)

clean :
	rm -f *.exe *.cmx *.cmi *.spit *.spot *.o *.annot *.omc *.elc
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