planets / CHANGES

0.1.10 - A number of small changes:
       * cleaned up the makefile and .spec file.  There is now a debian
         package as well.
       * Added a "-debug" command line option that turns on debugging
         messages (useful for figuring out what the right keysym is for a
         certain key)
       * Fixed the zoom in/out so it works with the keypad.
       * A manpage is now included

0.1.9 - Fixed some problems in the Danish translation

0.1.8 - Integrated Daniel Andor's fourth-order runge-kutta code.  Now the
        physical simulation is finally decent. Added pixmap and desktop
        entries, donated by Gunner Poulson.  Implemented some dialog cleanups
        proposed by Bulia Byak, as well as a new command "J", for adding
        clockwise-only random orbital planets.  True bouncing has been
        removed, leaving only force-bouncing.  At the moment, I'm not sure
        how to do a good, energy-preserving true-bounce in combination with
        the runge-kutta method.

0.1.7 - Improved behavior of random-orbital planet (introduced by key "j") to
        behave more sensibly.  In particular, the "implied distance" is
        computed not based on the center of mass of the remaining planets,
        but on the induced acceleration on the point in question.

0.1.6 - Changed kid key-bindings so that keypad introduces random non-orbital
	Fixed bug where pressing Dismiss button on dialog did not commit

0.1.5 - Danish translation added

0.1.4 - Debugging messages no longer listed by default
        Basic (and ad-hoc) support for internationalization (see

        Universes no longer saved by default in current working directory.
        Instead, they are saved in $HOME/.planets, if $HOME exists.  If $HOME
        exists but $HOME/.planets does not, then the latter is created.
	Help dialog is now displayed initially.  This displays the basic
	keybindings, and can be disabled so it doesn't pop up initially.

0.1.3 - added more information to README.txt on windows about getting Tcl/Tk.
        No other user-visible changes, but some changes made towards
        sensible behavior for traces during COM-following mode.

0.1.2 - minor bugfixes

0.1.1 - code updated to work with OCaml 3.04.  Mostly of the work is to
        accommodate the new labeling regime.  

0.1 - First public release
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