play /

open Core.Std
open Geometry

type key =
| Char of Char.t
| Up
| Down
| Left
| Right
| Page_up
| Page_down

let special_key_to_key = function
  | Glut.KEY_UP -> Some Up
  | Glut.KEY_DOWN -> Some Down
  | Glut.KEY_PAGE_UP -> Some Page_up
  | Glut.KEY_PAGE_DOWN -> Some Page_down
  | Glut.KEY_LEFT -> Some Left
  | Glut.KEY_RIGHT -> Some Right
  | _ -> None

let gl_color {r;g;b} = (r,g,b)

let draw_base_image = function
  | Poly (first,rest,color) ->
    GlDraw.begins `polygon;
    GlDraw.color (gl_color color);
    List.iter (first::rest) ~f:(fun posn ->
      GlDraw.vertex2 (posn.x,posn.y));
    GlDraw.ends ()

module State : sig
  type 'a t
  val create : 'a -> ('a -> scene) -> 'a t
  val set : 'a t -> 'a -> unit
  val world : 'a t -> 'a
  val scene : 'a t -> scene
end = struct
  type 'a t = { to_scene: 'a -> scene;
                mutable world_and_scene: 'a * scene Lazy.t;

  let create w to_scene =
    { to_scene;
      world_and_scene = (w, lazy (to_scene w));

  let set t w =
    t.world_and_scene <- (w, lazy (t.to_scene w))

  let world t = fst t.world_and_scene
  let scene t = Lazy.force (snd t.world_and_scene)

let scale_wh scene (w,h) =
  let w = float w and h = float h in
  let ll = scene_ll scene in
  let ur = scene_ur scene in
  let {x;y} = ur -! ll in
  let (w,h) =
    if w /. h < x /. y  then
      let h = y *. w /. x in
      let w = x *. h /. y in
  (Float.to_int w, Float.to_int h)

let start_world world ~w ~h ~display ~tick ~key ~key_up ~granularity =
  (* Setup some shared state *)
  let state = State.create world display in
  let render () =
    let scene = State.scene state in
    GlMat.mode `projection;
    GlMat.load_identity ();
    let ll = scene_ll scene in
    let ur = scene_ur scene in
    GluMat.ortho2d ~x:(ll.x,ur.x) ~y:(ll.y, ur.y);
    GlMat.mode `modelview;
    GlMat.load_identity ();
    GlClear.clear [ `color ];
    image_iter (image scene) ~f:draw_base_image;
    Gl.flush ();
    Glut.swapBuffers ()
  let rec timer_loop () =
    let start = () in
    let world = tick ( state) start in
    State.set state world;
    let after = () in
    let next = Time.add start granularity in
    let remaining = Time.diff next after in
    Glut.timerFunc ~ms:(Float.to_int (Time.Span.to_ms remaining))
      ~value:() ~cb:(fun ~value:() -> timer_loop ())
  Glut.initDisplayMode ~double_buffer:true ();
  let (w,h) = scale_wh (State.scene state) (w,h) in
  printf "%d, %d\n%!" w h;
  Glut.initWindowSize ~w ~h;
  ignore (Glut.createWindow ~title:"Play");
  GlClear.color (gl_color (bg (State.scene state)));
  GlDraw.shade_model `smooth;
  timer_loop ();
  Glut.displayFunc ~cb:render;
  Glut.idleFunc ~cb:(Some Glut.postRedisplay);

  let on_key ~up ~key:key_num ~x:_ ~y:_ =
    let cb = if up then key_up else key in
    State.set state (cb ( state)
                       (Char (Char.of_int_exn key_num)))
  Glut.keyboardFunc   ~cb:(on_key ~up:false);
  Glut.keyboardUpFunc ~cb:(on_key ~up:true);

  let on_special_key ~up ~key:special_key ~x:_ ~y:_ =
    let new_key = special_key_to_key special_key in
    let cb = if up then key_up else key in
    Option.iter new_key ~f:(fun k ->
      State.set state (cb ( state) k))
  Glut.specialFunc   ~cb:(on_special_key ~up:false);
  Glut.specialUpFunc ~cb:(on_special_key ~up:true);

  Glut.mainLoop ()

let big_bang ~display ~tick ~key ?(key_up=(fun w _ -> w)) world =
  let command =
      ~summary:"Test OpenGL program"
        let span = Arg_type.create Time.Span.of_string in
        +> flag "-width"  (optional_with_default 1024 int) ~doc:" Max screen width"
        +> flag "-height" (optional_with_default 768 int) ~doc:" Max screen height"
        +> flag "-granularity" (optional_with_default (sec 0.02) span)
          ~doc:" Time granularity"
      (fun w h granularity () ->
        start_world world ~w ~h ~display ~tick ~key ~key_up ~granularity)
  let argv = Array.to_list (Glut.init ~argv:Sys.argv) in ~argv command
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