cmsplugin-feed / cmsplugin_feed /

VERSION = (0,1,0,'alpha', 4)
__version__ = '.'.join(map(str, VERSION))

def get_version():
    version = '%s.%s' % (VERSION[0], VERSION[1])
    if VERSION[2]:
        version = '%s.%s' % (version, VERSION[2])
    if VERSION[3:] == ('alpha', 0):
        version = '%s pre-alpha' % version
        if VERSION[3] != 'final':
            version = '%s %s %s' % (version, VERSION[3], VERSION[4])
    return version

# patch settings
    from conf import patch_settings
    from django.conf import settings
except ImportError:
    This exception means that either the application is being built, or is
    otherwise installed improperly. Both make running patch_settings
except AttributeError:
    Same as Above
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