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.. -*- restructuredtext -*- ================================= goenv -- Go environment manager ================================= 1. What's this ============== ``goenv`` is command line tool to create Go project. 2. Install ========== 2.0 pre-requirements -------------------- * In advance of using installation scripts, please make sure directories specified by ``$GOENVGOROOT`` and ``$GOENVTARGET`` exist and those permissions are correctly set. * Make sure ``git`` is installed. 2.1 Fast installation --------------------- If you are already using Go and have existing GOROOT with built Go binaries and you do not need to install Go binaries with goof command, install goenv with fast-install.sh. To install ``goenv``, get all code for it and put built program into appropriate directory:: $ git clone https://bitbucket.org/ymotongpoo/goenv $ cd goenv $ go build -o goenv -ldflags "-s -w" *.go $ chmod +x goenv $ cp goenv /path/to/bindir or you can run a following command for procedure all above:: $ export GOENVTARGET=/path/to/install/target $ curl -L https://bitbucket.org/ymotongpoo/goenv/raw/master/shellscripts/fast-install.sh | zsh (Author is using zsh) 2.2 Go initial installation --------------------------- You have to set following variables beforehand: * ``GOENVGOROOT``: Go binary install target. All Go binaries are installed under this directory. * ``GOENVTARGET``: goenv install target. goenv and goenvwrapper.sh are installed here. * ``GOENVHOME``: All workspaces created with ``goof`` command are here. ex) ``~/.zshrc``:: export GOENVGOROOT=$HOME/.goenvs export GOENVTARGET=$HOME/bin export GOENVHOME=$HOME/workspace If you're fine with installing Go from the source code and goenv at the same time, use initial-install.sh:: $ curl -L https://bitbucket.org/ymotongpoo/goenv/raw/master/shellscripts/initial-install.sh | zsh When the installation that ``release`` version of golang is finished, you can set the ``GOROOT`` variable and adding ``$GOROOT/bin`` to ``$PATH``. ex) ``~/.zshrc``:: export GOROOT=$GOENVGOROOT/release export PATH=$GOROOT/bin:$PATH 3. Usage ======== 3.1 Basics ---------- ``goenv`` is quite simple tool and usage is as following:: goenv [-go GOROOT] [-deps <additional GOPATH>] [-gae] envname goenv -version ``-go`` option is used when we need to use different Go binary. ``-deps`` option is for adding ``GOPATH`` in case that the projects depends on local 3rd party packages. For instance, when you are to create independent project ``foo``, just run:: goenv foo It create directory ``foo`` in following manner:: % tree foo foo/ ├── activate └── src/ To activate ``foo`` project's environment, load ``activate`` file and required environment variables will be set properly:: % source foo/activate (go:foo) % In order to deactivate current environment and rollback to what it was, call ``deactivate`` function:: (go:foo) % deactivate % 3.2 GAE/Go support ------------------ ``goenv`` also supports creating GAE/Go environments. With ``-gae`` option, it generates ``app.yaml`` and initial Go file for GAE/Go as well as ``activate`` script. For instance, if you create a workspace ``gaetest`` with this option, directory structure of a generate workspace would be:: % goenv -gae gaetest % tree gaetest gaetest ├── activate └── src ├── app.yaml └── gaetest.go At the same time, ``-gae`` option sets path to ``"$GAEGO"`` at the head of ``PATH``, where ``GAEGO`` is path to Google App Engine for Go SDK. 4. Support tool (``goof``) ========================== 4.1 Basics ---------- ``goof`` -- goenv wrapper for goofy gophers -- command is provided from goenvwrapper.sh to enhance the power of ``goenv``. install.sh will put goenvwrapper.sh in the same directory as ``goenv`` command is installed. To use ``goof`` command, load functions there with ``source`` command or add following line in your .bashrc:: export GOENVHOME=/path/to/environment_root source /path/to/goenvwrapper.sh ``goof`` command has following 5 subcommands. ``make`` creates environment with specified environment name under $GOENVHOME:: % goof make foo (go:foo) % ``make`` option accepts ``goenv`` command options, so you can create GAE skeleton project with following command for instance:: % goof make foo -gae ``show`` shows all existing environments. Environment with '*' mark is current environment:: (go:foo) % goof show bar foo * ``workon`` switches current environment to specified environment:: (go:foo) % goof workon bar (go:bar) % bar * foo To delete unnecessary environment, run ``remove`` with the environment name:: (go:bar) % goof remove foo bar * 4.2 Go install support ---------------------- From goenv version 0.4.0, goof supports installing Go itself. In order to ``goinstall`` subcommand, set ``GOENVGOROOT`` environment variable:: % export GOENVGOROOT=/opt/goenv ``goinstall`` subcommand works with tag of the Go repository, such as "go1.0.3", "release.r60" and "weekly.2012-01-27". For first call of ``goof goinstall``, it fetches all source from Go repository into $GOENVGOROOT:: % goof goinstall go1.0.3 [goof] Go source code initial checkout. [goof] 'go1.0.3' is installed in /opt/goenv/go1.0.3 All installed Go binaries are shown with ``goinstall`` subcommand without arguments:: % goof goinstall /opt/goenv/go (repository) /opt/goenv/go1.0.2 * /opt/goenv/go1.0.3 /opt/goenv/release You can also uninstall Go binaries with ``-u`` option before version number:: % goof goinstall -u go1.0.2 [goof] uninstalled version 'go1.0.2' When you need to confirm all tags, give "tags" as an argument:: % goof goinstall tags tip 15392:7bc28d72d49c release 13677:2d8bc3c94ecb go1.0.3 13677:2d8bc3c94ecb go1.0.2 13230:5e806355a9e1 go1.0.1 12994:2ccfd4b451d3 go1 12872:920e9d1ffd1f ... ``goof go`` replaces current GOROOT with specified Go version:: % goof go go1.0.2 % goof goinstall /opt/goenv/go (repository) /opt/goenv/go1.0.2 * /opt/goenv/go1.0.3 /opt/goenv/release 4.3 Advanced option ------------------- ``goof make`` is supporting ``gocode`` and ``godef`` installation which are code auto-completion tool for and code search assistance for go respectively. Either of them will be installed under ``GOPATH/bin``:: % goof make test -gocode -godef % ls $GOPATH/bin/ gocode godef 5. Contribution =============== Any contribution to this project are welcome. If you are to send patch to this repository, please request to develop branch, because this project is developed under `A Successful Git branching model <http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/>`_. All patches to other branches than develop will be ignored unless those are application for hotfix branches. 6. License ========== ``goenv`` is an open source project with BSD-style license. See ``LICENSE`` file for details. CONTRIBUTORS ============ * Yoshi YAMAUGUCHI (@ymotongpoo) * Takanao ENDOH (@MiCHiLU) * Tetsuya Morimoto (@t2y)