lxde-overlay / x11-wm / openbox / Manifest

Markos Chandras 521be1e 
Markos Chandras b32236a 
Markos Chandras 0ce4b06 
AUX openbox-as-needed.patch 413 RMD160 48e8092b8e732dcdcd3a73e98103bf67537249a7 SHA1 b28b438cfb3e97b3ddb49c358fe3a918cbdd374b SHA256 48f38ab155a15320fb4c9a447a58e27fac2b74eb4a5504cd0b7707ae5384703a
AUX openbox-gnome-session-3.4.9.patch 449 RMD160 7a39d0d8ba997a6dc7c8de72edaef2ecf5c405e5 SHA1 1f9f9680ed4ca106761d24e4b38e3479c5f3a17a SHA256 0fbbf60ba8ce2503d307cf55b6467b3cf53e01d32deff1417e3afbf6397d9eb5
EBUILD openbox-9999.ebuild 1438 RMD160 20ae6ed53ab4af6a05bb8c8f474eb9a06fd02f88 SHA1 64ddb4b0c2f0e0c37e63fec7bcefaaae82fd447b SHA256 f4925ff1ceee75c43a8397cdd3c78a30bbd7f634bc9a5830fe09c2a7dc3f924b
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