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pcmanfm: Force gvfs[hal] dependency

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-EBUILD pcmanfm-9999.ebuild 1225 RMD160 9862a09b19faacddf141c91d036e8972cda87533 SHA1 9290b26f13124d656175496c01c625ebc2f27cb5 SHA256 bca11d79d3fe4cfc6c177ade29c3128f94a769598f1c01d7bf6ea11f07773316
+EBUILD pcmanfm-9999.ebuild 1201 RMD160 1b803b934c79cf8fcef224d4841ed485408ec3fa SHA1 ca31b9e1e894a12f569204035a7483d5f0b5f66f SHA256 6e73ec102d707ec608c669ecd38bc5b6507fc307531d8f3a8c063f7123ebdb06


 # $Header: $
 inherit autotools eutils fdo-mime git
-	sys-devel/gettext"
+	sys-devel/gettext
+	gnome-base/gvfs[hal]"
 src_prepare() {
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