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Redigest lxrandr-9999

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 AUX lxrandr-docbook-fix.patch 313 RMD160 caa89e9ec37110c992f7085e80cb4206a88eb75b SHA1 b4a76a0acbe1f15d4cd077e568e5f4e2300c3caa SHA256 24b217bdf90f24e7e9be0dc8f014ff64f270637be0a4cabdbc98e74787373542
 DIST lxrandr-0.1.tar.gz 111947 RMD160 688964b09e49e5ccc45fd7268452c407a2b3961b SHA1 64b6b42e5f919a6d4e207727d5006f052d8db5f2 SHA256 5f2b45b8a44313a8c7e006e7fd3a1e4e47a7807e7411c9a9d75138dc5ace6d4e
 EBUILD lxrandr-0.1.ebuild 561 RMD160 aaa2e33507b95bc1c6843b73f77c0b62c3ad9a03 SHA1 118e69542e3862f4372afb036482f14c553487c2 SHA256 bfcb125d134c87b336f6b02bfd81496afb57ff16b1f8527e19673b5f1ebeebf1
-EBUILD lxrandr-9999.ebuild 698 RMD160 947de76b51552047589eebb028ea034379d130eb SHA1 4b2a12194ec7110a06620e5a2ed0ab1b092ced09 SHA256 743d288eaf1e84f57e185758e68e80dc8a2e7aa7f9c765b83b4b773e6963a479
+EBUILD lxrandr-9999.ebuild 727 RMD160 f3d4123bf5451e37d9d5bd6c15d05ec5a931c38f SHA1 726d919a6242b1b80dde809ca6a9114ab634839a SHA256 2ef3c6ce80049e162892653e58a5cc3a744d0abefa28bbe0cb828fc33dcdce08
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