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[lxsession] correct ebuild and revert some unwanted changes

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-EBUILD lxsession-9999.ebuild 746 RMD160 0fd8fc793c4e7ce8722f964025e37717b78ee4a8 SHA1 e7c1a0c4479c007025236acb3e62335c3c3e9a90 SHA256 8404e5b90f99349648c059a2223e7f6afe911d3d78de67d5b541b3eb581062c8
+EBUILD lxsession-9999.ebuild 651 RMD160 838334af547e5fefdc731a2992485819014eb37e SHA1 d0054cfb2aaabf38bc1689d4ba248940f579b49c SHA256 e9f0fe6fc99423afdfb36370f7ff2acfde23f2bdb3b654d06d97eec0bc15c5b7


 inherit lxde-git
 DESCRIPTION="LXDE session manager"
-IUSE="+dbus +man nls"
-        x11-libs/gtk+:2
-	dbus? ( >=sys-apps/dbus-1 )
-	nls? ( sys-devel/gettext )
-        >=lxde-base/lxde-common-0.5.5"
+	x11-libs/gtk+:2
+	dbus? ( sys-apps/dbus )
+	>=lxde-base/lxde-common-0.5.0"
 src_configure() {
-	econf $(use_enable dbus) \
-		$(use_enable nls) \
-		$(use_enable man)
+	econf $(use_enable dbus) --enable-man
 pkg_postinst() {
-        if [[ ${INFO} = yes ]]; then
-                ewarn "You need ConsoleKit to support shutdown and reboot function,"
-                ewarn "UPower to support suspend and hibernate, HAL supported temporary."
-        fi
+	elog "You need sys-auth/consolekit to support shutdown and reboot functionality,"
+	elog "and sys-power/upower to support suspend and hibernate. sys-apps/hal is also"
+	elog "still supported, but will be replaced."
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