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Moved to slot=0

Upstream decided to rename binary from pcmanfm2 to pcmanfm in order
to fully replace the current 0.5.X version. Hence the live ebuild should
be moved to slot 0 again

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-EBUILD pcmanfm-9999.ebuild 1220 RMD160 b49be5a256f3ab68566dfa0ebe0585b3afe30ff5 SHA1 8cd35adebaa463e5182c6ca4006430d67d1de61f SHA256 a51564ed7c33ccaee23b19095b23f58c1b2d6433caf21aced0e791a4e100b586
+EBUILD pcmanfm-9999.ebuild 1220 RMD160 0b10d850c188317d84f4e955eab85e4f29fa6dd8 SHA1 0795b6c80a3d35aab6deebd53046be92d97d9d27 SHA256 6873f31b1127be744895027f192a6f73d165c313a04fac3e92cdf9e5f0d02a1f


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