lxde-overlay / x11-misc / pcmanfm / Manifest

AUX pcmanfm-kbshortcut.patch 2677 RMD160 decf9de48ddec85ddc3fe5b8a550632432762dba SHA1 46a1bb7d75d3ddba656af3b0e596cde08e40f1cb SHA256 942e96a9cf334d084e21eb27c6c3f7444dad48baa0b22b1f1589579849deb137
EBUILD pcmanfm-9999.ebuild 1553 RMD160 097730274fc355715bf990ff35717f105540ea59 SHA1 54fb5777bbd76d8ddf6619ec03cdee07d93fa40e SHA256 77f936459f4362061f5b829a75f29030956b329a1e7a0ddb1ee3d941d04d0e33
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