lxde-overlay / x11-themes / shiki-colors-openbox / Manifest

DIST Shiki_Colors_for_Openbox_by_jmcknight.tar.gz 1983 RMD160 1efaeaca70aefad00d7be60ac0f37a0afc531b24 SHA1 eb77656faa5a51d087c9a4956368101aa37486b6 SHA256 cac41a7c807743a52e90ea3c7e1c4892992e8fe6b499672bd29e2f755ef77cf3
EBUILD shiki-colors-openbox-0.2.ebuild 583 RMD160 8cb53fa940f1b7feb8f1df03331264206f27d797 SHA1 656780278b12444ec239b0466c005d0a36499fc4 SHA256 5488360ff2a9be2329effd25ab21f4c5b29586811e209504a72198c9512240d1
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