lxde-overlay / x11-themes / shiki-colors / Manifest

DIST Shiki-Gentoo-4.6.tar.bz2 5725 RMD160 2d08267aec6b9965e14ba60c2f80cf9999996e1f SHA1 a255bec84d1112a7c58b46258c2232740483c1f5 SHA256 7504c01499cfa3c3480b03c46fa55329562eca403731dc66cb95982dc356aa5c
DIST shiki-colors-4.6.tar.gz 254607 RMD160 81b9b040302c7967736dcba94a01cf63b1a955a0 SHA1 d15b66c4b882f2c70c2772cbad69a74b8b84bc92 SHA256 cea527737c6556481d4ddd614a6b353f1f5c6e3f29a832734888ea40127238ca
EBUILD shiki-colors-4.6.ebuild 1017 RMD160 e0a42f3a7e7423c04c776040dfd8a3f880918a54 SHA1 60dc0a66721286996ebc2745cc071228135a959a SHA256 6d2801ca5cab7eb9babd472f80a3aca141c201886e2723af688d8e6bdbdeda3b
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