lxde-overlay / lxde-base / lxappearance / Manifest

AUX lxappearance-docbook-fix.patch 348 RMD160 b7227a21060b68580971b24d03a6b74f5211388e SHA1 35a985f1b646a341722846148776add3a0e7d4aa SHA256 e22acb2bc86854a3e00da10e1a610c76e4b902545700cd4db8fb2f188ab30198
DIST lxappearance-0.2.tar.gz 145373 RMD160 c2c0a3b3516ac3b4efa63f37081922b64a1dce87 SHA1 5dac8570f4597dd213936ea4efb36bcec476f4b3 SHA256 1cdd8bffd4ce740367866e055429ce728106d40211b84c109051e728189d9d04
EBUILD lxappearance-0.2.ebuild 586 RMD160 3633d5956bfae8b43c342f4f8fc3d13d0f78b911 SHA1 971acf065d089451b264d16c253ee29082c1b93c SHA256 8fe0e91cbe737f249b9a44129a23984c13751defbdee0f8ef97202f12d654f84
EBUILD lxappearance-9999.ebuild 1003 RMD160 f127b9783e5d379f668ab6b4402adaaaacf57fb1 SHA1 9de5c3a4a3963ff070a4139dc18164c67d11923f SHA256 7fda23f7052b23558a38e128fbab8fe6dffd3d4d41fc44c18b6d4456d1a42985
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