lxde-overlay / lxde-base / lxde-common / Manifest

AUX lxde-common-docbook-fix.patch 459 RMD160 af388b1b2ded185b288c40693269b421ee61d62b SHA1 ee3bdeca722cd647e74b1fa5b33b546f09c7e74e SHA256 8d80de3b7b7133ec2eca8c55fc25218cde5257cbd36bc683548252a8b865b37b
DIST lxde-common- 5399890 RMD160 45be550c2b50e8addc8720256257f61e44826026 SHA1 7de00f580bc98194bc665a59b010e0ab1421acde SHA256 bd9e9a368affb5565b50b0b79a3d04138d10f19d55ab13c8ea3ba3e32790876e
EBUILD lxde-common- 527 RMD160 d9e842fee145f7d3cbd5a11eebbd5e98a66ee942 SHA1 0fd151a99924681033bb027450eafa1903f7d488 SHA256 d1f015dac7c4b7193a5361d95132c4c25c86acf34e8963cde8d921d0a0732f62
EBUILD lxde-common-9999.ebuild 1128 RMD160 ba4f6060b4c3c6794e659b1afac8003223508b3b SHA1 c8b31d9c69f9e009c1bde14ff684f8dc19887126 SHA256 25cd0e6b9826ad3150588ea16425d477f932fad1716e225f56f97abd71cbe319
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